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Why More Investors Like Gold by Frank Holmes

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Why More Investors Like Gold by Frank Holmes

This week the Investor Alert from U.S. Global Investors presents a great article on gold authored by our friend and long-time supporter, Frank Holmes, CEO and Chief Investment Officer.

"....Gold is charging up to new highs, so it’s no surprise that the level of interest in this financial asset is charging up as well. This week I did interviews on CNN, CNBC, USA Today and Reuters, and in most cases a specific question came up – “Should people be buying or selling gold right now?”

We encourage you to read the article on their website and sign up for their weekly Investor Alerts.

Why More Investors Like Gold

 Our Slightly Differing Approach

Our views and reasons for owning gold are in close alignment with those presented in the article by Frank Holmes. Our approach differs only in how we want to invest and how much to invest to maximize our gains in the coming months and years.

Many recommend an allocation of 5% to 10% of your portfolio to gold as a way diversify assets and protect wealth. We ask, 'what about those who have not accumulated wealth as yet? Many investors are looking to capitalize on the potentially large upside move in gold and gold shares. Therefore, we in our services focus on unique investment strategies, i.e. long-term warrants and following the corporate insiders transactions as potential methods of generating wealth. 

We are strong believers that a mania phase in gold and gold shares is approaching creating great wealth for those investors strategically positioned. 

Risk is an important consideration for all investors and we suggest managing risk by diversification and by limiting the amount of monies allocated to this sector.

While you may know me for my expertise with warrants, included also in some of our services is ALL of my positions as well as our Insiders Insights data and alerts. 

If you don't care for warrants, fine, but do not let this stop you from being a subscriber. Only 24% of my portfolio is invested in warrants, and believe me, the rest YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT, ASAP. 

For those subscribing to our Gold Subscription, you will have access to my Thursday evening audios; a very popular feature for our subscribers. 

We are of the opinion that the gold market could blast off to the upside at any time and believe investors should be positioning themselves now for this move. 

Warrants Learning Center - For those needing more information about warrants please don't forget our Learning Center. Also, we have a Live Chat Feature on our website, check them out. 

SPECIAL REPORTS Available for All Subscribers: 



Both Franco-Nevada and New Gold have warrants trading which are of particular interest to us. As we stress, the company, its mission, fundamentals and management are of most importance before we look at the warrants. 

These Special Reports are on our website, after logging in, look in the left column, under SPECIAL REPORTS. 

We believe the markets are now positioned for the natural resource stocks to explode upwards and we would encourage you consider allocating 5% to 10% of your investment dollars in long-term warrants. 

There are some of the big companies with warrants trading giving you incredible potential leverage over the common shares. 

Currently there are 14 companies with warrants trading which have a market cap in excess of $1 Billion. There are 15 warrants with remaining lives of over 4 years and an additional 8 with lives of 3 years and 25 more with lives of 2 years. 

Many great opportunities exist for you to consider but there is only a small window of time to get on board with us before the markets explode.

We literally have subscribers and readers around the world and we are frequently asked about brokerage firms in different countries and which brokers will execute the orders for the Canadian common shares and warrants. Based on our recent trips to Panama we are pleased to recommend the following:

Panamanian Securities Brokerage Firm
Panamanian Attorney - A Special Offer for our readers only
U.S. CPA for those with tax challenges

U.S. Brokerage Firms

      1. PennTrade   - The very best in our opinion-all online transactions and we

                             can place the orders in Canadian dollars for quick and easy

                             executions of our warrants and Canadian securities.

      2. NetVest        - Second best for what we do with warrants and Canadian

                             securities. Very reasonable commissions but on occasion we

                             might have to call to place an order for warrants, i.e., if there

                             is not a U.S. assigned pink sheet symbol. No problem folks and

                             no additional charges.   

All contact information is available on our links page and we are excited to bring these services to your attention. We assure you we are not getting into the tax advice or legal consultation services but realize that some readers and subscribers want and need these services.

For those readers unfamiliar with all of our services: provides an online database for all warrants trading on the natural resource companies in the United States and Canada. tracks the buying and selling of corporate insiders with a focus on the junior mining and natural resource sectors. Buy and Sell Alerts are issued as deemed relevant based upon our analysis.

There are many great opportunities presented in each of these services and we encourage you to get on board with us soon.


Dudley Pierce Baker – Owner/Editor – Guadalajara/Ajijic, Mexico
Bruce Ross – Webmaster and Administrative Assistant – Phoenix, USA

Priest Kemper - Administrative Assistant - Ajijic, Mexico and Dallas, USA

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